Open Banking is about opening access for businesses to create value on top of financial services provided via APIs.

Each API that we integrate into our middleware is a skill. Examples: an account information API from Bank X is a skill, a payment initiation service from Bank Y is another skill.

With the initial releases, we'll focus on three skill types: account information, payment initiation and marketplace. As a roadmap item we're planning to introduce more utility such as customer care and skills related to resource management.

Each skill comes in two flavors: production and sandbox. Test & dev tenants will use sandbox skills.

Account information

These skills are mainly based on PSD2 AISP APIs from various banks.

Use cases: wallet applications or enterprise systems that need to query for bank accounts and transaction reports.

Payment initiation

Initially based on PSD2 PISP APIs from various banks.

Use cases: merchants willing to accept payments through a direct account-to-account transfer bypassing classic payment schemes.


Based on custom connectors that we're building with our partner servicers.

Use cases: marketplaces interested in selling financial products without the hassle of a direct integration with banks, insurance providers etc.

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