User-level elements

Taking a user through a session is about obtaining consent to access their data (eg: an existing bank account), or creating new value for that user (eg: selling a new insurance). In both cases, there is at least one target object created at the middleware level.

Finqware does not store data that identifies the owner, but we return a credentials_id that represents your acccess point to these objects.

Practical example: for an account information skill backed by PSD2 AISP, a user may give their consent to access three bank accounts. In this case, your generated credentials_id will point to these three objects.

An API call where credentials_id is specified, needs to be authorized by its respective acccess_token.

Your user may have multiple pairs of [credentials_id, access_token] depending on how many resources they decide to access through your app. Plan and design your user database considering this aspect.

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